Melomania (mel-ma-nia)

(n) An excessive passion or great enthusiasm for music or melody

Zee Erf – Southern Freeez (Sean P’s India Navigation Mix)
Coyote – San Carlos
Eyes Of Others – I See you In The Shrubs
Los Amigos Invisibles – Rio Porque No Fue Un Sueño Letra
Bongo Entp. – El Rey de Pollo
Wally Badarou – Mambo
DJ Pippi – Calas Encantadas
Max Essa – Your Cathedrals
Copenema – Te Faz Bem
Spargo – Go (Lexx Rework)
Still Going – Untitled Love
Ray Mang – Look In to My Eyes
Ambala – Walk with the Dreamers
Mudd & Pollard – Far Away (Ron Trent Mix)
Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle (The Noddleman’s Deep Rework)
John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane (Mojoworkinz Remix)

Still Rolling

Feeling nostalgic.

U-She – Blue Sky (Mudd Mix)
Horixon feat. Birsen – The Bee
Edie Brickell – What I Am (Appo Re-Edit)
Antenna – Love 66
Max Essa – Your Cathedrals Re-imagined
Atella x Frøder – Closer To Life
OMD – Souvenir (Brothers In Rhythm)
Piano Fantasia – Song For Denise (Oscar K Bootleg)
Blue Motel – LWTK (Lunch With The King)
Lootbeg – Paradise
John Farnham – Age of Reason (Peechs Sunset Over Bondi Edit)
The Beloved – Sun Rising (Elias Tzikas Remix)
Gemini Brothers – Travel Inside
The ORB – Little Fluffy Clouds (Less Fluff Mix)
William Pitt – City Lights (Italo Brutalo Vocal Edit)
Robert Miles – Children (Dream Punk Chill Mix)

Move On

Time to move on.

Mushrooms Project & Almunia – Wave Form
Cantoma – Talva Lumi (Apiento Remix)
Gemini Brothers feat Shahin Badar – Thesalli Noir
Khidja – Never Seen The Dunes
Duran Duran – Save A Prayer (Steve Anderson Remix)
PREMIERE: KDMS – All That Glow (Peter Herbert Dub)[U Know Me]
Petr Serkin – Heavy Load (Old Tales From The Future EP)
In Flagranti – Walking in the Rain
Hysteric – Venice By Night
Los Amigos Invisibles – Stay (Ray Mangs Disco Instrumental)
Jean-Luc Barreau – Sevilla (Coyote Mellow Sunrays Edit)
Max Essa – Aztec
The Long Champs – Smoke Mirrors (Mr BC Remix)
The Two Mamarrachos – Buenos Sencillos
Hubbabubaklubb -‘Mopedbart Olefonken’s Autostrada Miks’
TEEEL – Stranger Things Theme

Hello Ladies

Tracks from the Steve Merchant’s HBO series – Hello Ladies.

Bill LaBounty, Exile, Eagles, Al Stewart, 10cc, Gerry Rafferty, Roxy Music, Hall & Oates.

Network #79

Guest mix for the Network Show which was aired on Boxfrequency.

For Lisbon Kid’s fine selection you can find it here.

No-Man – Days In The Trees (Reich)
Steven Wilson – Year Of The Plague
Odeon – Anxur
Studio 22 – Dune
Studio 22 – Vento Dominante
Odeon – Maga Circe
ROTLA – Foce Verde
ROTAL – Laguna
Kevin Yost – In Walked Mr Cool
Disco Tech – Cool Breeze (Baltic Seaview Rework)
VinylAddicted – Sun Shadow (Balearic Seaview Rework)
Roberto Lodola – Feeling Of The Sun (Adriatic Seaview Remix)
Alien Disco Sugar – Sea Delights (Aegean Seaview Rework)
Woolfy vs. Projections – My Room (Cali mix)
Fermata – Kolumbus
Ralf Tohde – Sommermorgen


Submerge yourself in some Balearic suds !

Soak by The Ski Club of Great Britain on

Cantoma – Pandajero (Unreleashed Ruf Dug Edit)
Fluke – Spacey (Catch 22 Dub)
Moonoton feat. Olga Ponomaryova – I Need You Tonight
The Two Mamarrachos – En Calma
Corduba – Cambio
Silver Filter – Kissing In The Rain
Houses – Soak It Up
GusGus – Why?
Faze Action – Weightless
The Laurie Steele Combo & Chorus – Hushabye Mountain
Diskjokke – Panutup
Brian Protherie – Lady Belladonna
Yoko Duo – Blowfish
Gryningen – Slöa Dagar I Rymdlaboratoriet
Gryningen – Jag Flyter Omkring En Ask
Aqua Bassino – Ibiza
Slow Hill – Saunatheque
A Reminiscent Drive – N.Y.C Dharma
Black Marlin – Forest

Cabin Fever Radio Show

Cabin Fever Radio Show – September’s 2 hr show for

Island Life
Ilija Rudman – Cock Porn : The Theme
Paul Hardcastle – Dolores (Coyote Peaceful Revolution Re-Dub)
Ryo Okumoto – Crystal Highway
Magic Wand Edits – Flowers In The Garden (A Sunshine Rework)
Pepe California – Meli-Fali (Tokyo Black Star Re-Edit)
Jorge Ben – Curumin Chama Cunhata
Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan (Dj Steef Edit)
Jay Ru – Toooo Late
Deadly Sins – Here We Go Again
Jefferson Airplane – Triad (Dj Steef Edit)
Faze Action – Echoes Of Your Mind (Phil Mison’s Balearicos Mix)
Peza – Turn Off The Lights
Gap Band – Outstanding (Coyote Edit)
Voodoo Whiskey – Poolside
Joes Bakery Band – Cant Explain (Emperor Machine Special FX Remix)
Late Nite Tuff Guy – It’s The Being In Love
Rayko – Easy Money
Alex In Wonderland – Take Me Down
Propaganda – Machinery (Club Bizarre Edit)
Jean Claude Gavri – Slick Poison (Jean Claude Gavri instrumental)


It’s good to travel:

Farbror Resande Mac – Magma (Original Mix)
Eiskalte Engel – R.O.M. (Nixxon Remix)
Bill Withers – You Got The Stuff (Disco Tech Edit)
The Silver Rider – Driver (Silver Street EP)
The Groovers – The One (You) (Original)
Rich Lane – Sweat Out The Suicide
Steve Cobby, Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over (Apiento And Lx Remix)
Duncan Gray – Churn Again (Original Mix)
Duncan Gray – The Weak Nuclear Force (Rich Lane Remix)
Rich Lane – Sweat Out The Suicide (Cotton Bud Remix)
Boof – Birgit Boogie
Bell Towers – Jumpin’ Off Into The Sea Of Your Love
Pete Herbert – El Bigotes
Jex Opolis – DZE (Special Club Remix)
Max Essa – Night Measure
Shit Hot Soundsystem – PsychoKiller (Patrick Bateman Rework)
Schlango Mango – Shlumbo Mumbo (Shanson D’Amour Remix)
Soul Clap – Dreams Edit
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #2
Psychemagik – Your Body
Loui$ – Pink Footpath