Pole Dance

Electronic dance music from Poland. Na zdrowie!

Pole Dance by The Ski Club of Great Britain on hearthis.at

Kulpowicz & Niemen – Song For Mohindar (Maciek Sienkiewicz Cut Out)
Ptaki – Krystyna
Maanam – Blues Kory (Old Spice Edit)
Ptaki – Ponure Miasto
Irena Jarocka – Witajcie W Moim Świecie (Karol Aleksander Version)
Krystyna Prońko – Jesteś Lekiem Na Całe Zło (Old Spice Edit)
Püdelsi – Wyro Pudla (Kapsa Love Pudel Edit)
Breakout – Powiedzmy to (Zambon Edit)
Kombi – Przytul Mnie (Old Spice Edit)
Aya RL – Unikaj Zdjęć (Mental Rework)
Zdzisława Sośnicka – Moja Muzyka, To Ja (Chłopak z Sąsiedztwa Edit)
Laboratorium – Na Kolana Pastuszkowie (Daniel Drumz Edit)
Tutti Frutti – Ludzie z Marsa (Eltron John Version)
Rezerwat – Pod Makijazem Uwielbienia (Karol Aleksander Edit)

For more Eastern block flavors check out these tasty edits and cuts from The Very Polish Cut-Outs Label

LPR’s Christmas Cracker

Merry Christmas to all you Chancers, Romancers and Disco Dancers.

Sounds Nice – Love At First Sight
Sally Shapiro – Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Dub Mix)
Miquel Brown – Close To Perfection (Instrumental)
Mario Viera – Cosmic Matter
Liberation Street Band – La Bamba
Hugo Montenegro – Rocket Man
Faze Action – Venus And Mars
Kasper Bjorke – Man From Venice
Sons And Daughters – Orion (Emperor Machine Remix)
Lauer – Delta NRG
Nova – La Luna
Martin Brodin – Badabing (Diskjokke Remix)
Alisha – Baby Talk (12″ B-side Dubs)
Mike And T – Do It Anyway You Wanna
Brian Bennett Band – Saturday Night Special
Idjut Boys – One For Kenny
Gilla – Kein Mann Weit Und Breit
Jumbo ’76 – Turn On To Love

Disco Sucks

Not all disco sucks

I:Cube – Procession
Bachteen – Just Us
Fingerman – Tell Me Luv
Hanne – Mamy Blue (Coyote Edit)
Jerry Harrison – We’re Always Talking (Haners Edit)
Ilija Rudman – Bad Passion
DJ Butcher – Grab a Girl
Korama – Pretty Baby
Musica Hermosa – Donna Loves To
Max Essa – Burning Palms (Hardway Brothers Shoulder of Orion Remix)
Max Essa – Dovodah
Niccolo Cupo – Beyond Love
Boogiemann & Stan Tropic – Trotting Hotly
TV – Disco Scene
Late Night Tuff Guy – Wonderland (LNTG Muscle Mix)
Andras Oscar – Looking Back (Tornado Wallace Dub)
Rayko – Night


It’s good to travel:

Farbror Resande Mac – Magma (Original Mix)
Eiskalte Engel – R.O.M. (Nixxon Remix)
Bill Withers – You Got The Stuff (Disco Tech Edit)
The Silver Rider – Driver (Silver Street EP)
The Groovers – The One (You) (Original)
Rich Lane – Sweat Out The Suicide
Steve Cobby, Trudie Dawn Smith – We Start Over (Apiento And Lx Remix)
Duncan Gray – Churn Again (Original Mix)
Duncan Gray – The Weak Nuclear Force (Rich Lane Remix)
Rich Lane – Sweat Out The Suicide (Cotton Bud Remix)
Boof – Birgit Boogie
Bell Towers – Jumpin’ Off Into The Sea Of Your Love
Pete Herbert – El Bigotes
Jex Opolis – DZE (Special Club Remix)
Max Essa – Night Measure
Shit Hot Soundsystem – PsychoKiller (Patrick Bateman Rework)
Schlango Mango – Shlumbo Mumbo (Shanson D’Amour Remix)
Soul Clap – Dreams Edit
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #2
Psychemagik – Your Body
Loui$ – Pink Footpath

Funky Fleamarket @ Jano

A selection of sunshine beats compiled and arranged for the Funky Fleamarket pop-up vinyl fair held at Pub Jano / Helsinki. 13/06/2015

Gerd Andor – Put Your Love In Me
Farbror Resande Mac – Drakryggen (Original Mix)
Walter Kubiczeck – Maskentanz (The Maxwell Implosion Remix)
kathy stack – Summer Wind
P’cock – Telephone Song
Jack Adkins – American Sunset
Gene Lawrence – After Sunrise
Shoji Yokouchi : Blue Dreamers – El Condor Pasa
Coyote – Blue Skies
The Popes – Bastards (Idjut Edit)
Coyote – Layback (Windsurf Remix)
Majik – Take Me There (Psychemagik Edit)
Max Essa – The One You Want (Coyote remix)
Greg Sonnleitner – Misunderstood
DAB – the Blues
Freshro – Fantasma
Coyote – How You Doin
Smith & Mudd – Shulme
Bison – The Traveler
Smith & Mudd – 24/7
Mudd & Pollard – Dub Stavros
Ned Doheny – Labor Of Love (RedKen Mix)
Almunia – L&G Psychedelic (Wes Coats Holy Shahito Dub – Idjut Edit)
Bison – Mandy (Power Boys Mix)
Almunia – Dos Estrellas
Mudd & Pollard – Vincent
I-Boat Captain – Slower (The Backwoods remix)
Ahiki – Samarkand
Almunia – Travel (Felix Dickinson’s Passport Control Mix)
Deadstock 33’s – Drifting On A Wave (Mainstem Remix)
The Project Club – El Mar Y La Luna (Lovefingers remix)
Nathan Perkins Band – Soul Keepers
Smith & Mudd – La Suivant
Max Essa – Uptown Vibrations (Mark Seven Downtown remix)
Coyote – Afro Balearic (Rune Lindbaek remix)
The Electric Connection – Groovy
Fermáta – Kolumbus
Jake Hottell – Horizon
Mother Funk – Sunshine

Fata Morgana

The summer season is upon us:

Markandeya (Part 1)
Bombay Dub Orchestra – Feasting With Panthers
Ptaki – Ostatni Kurs
Farbror Resande Mac – Drakryggen (Max Essa Paradise In Dub Mix)
Farid – Sunday Paper
Jerry Harrison: Casual Gods – Rev It Up (Great Bassline Dub Mix)
Sam Roberts Band – Were All In This Together (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Daniele Losi – Tom Tom Beat (Special Afro Mix Version)
Authokino – Raszmatazz (Remix 1986)
Suzanne Kraft – Horoscope
Rich Lane – Getting There (Cotton Bud Remix)
Kygo VS The Very Best – Angelo
LeonxLeon – My Solar Brass
William Earl – Loveless (Kalidasa Remix)
Johnson – Sick House (Rich Lane Chug Dub)
Red Axes – Me and Abra in Ruanda
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco – you Want It?
The Laughing Lights of Plenty – The Rose
Serge Gainsbourg – Là Bas C’Est Naturel (Faze Action Remix)
Phil Manzanera – Listen Now | Velvet Season and The Hearts of Gold Remix

Meridian Melodies

Sonic shuffle stuff. (110-120 bpm)

Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy – Midnight Cruise Pt.2
Ilija Rudman – Just Remember
Gameboyz feat. Duncan Gray – Riot Funk (Original Mix)
Dr Packer – Last Night (Dr Packer’s Acid Rub)
Ilija Rudman – Second Screen
Aussteiger – Return
Seahawks – Look At The Sun (Prins Thomas Sweet Surprise Mix Instrumental Dub)
This Soft Machine – ‘On & On’
Pete Herbert – Say What You Want (Original Version)
Secret Squirrels #7 – Side A
Red Axes – Na Da
Ray Foxx – The Trumpeter (Guti Remix)
Ajello – Montgomery Clift (Rayko Remix)
Quell – For Those (Chris Lum & Homero Espinosa Remix)
Betoko – Raining Again (Original Mix)
E-Versions – Sitting Here Alone (E-Versions #4)
Rodney Hunter Feat. Martine Nicole Rojina – Luna Park (Original Mix)

Seven Inch

A selection of 7 inch records from my box mixed in a crossfader style. Complete with crackles, pops and the odd tick.

Shoji Yokouchi / Blue Dreamers – El Condor Pasa
Biddu & The Orchestra – Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon
Tina Charles – Fire (Instrumental)
Kyohei Tsutsumi / Silver Strings – Indian Reservation
Bee Gees – He’s A Liar (Instrumental)
Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up
The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power
Hidden Strength – Hustle On Up (Do The Bump)
Kenneth Sherman – Why Can’t We Live Together
Dexys Midnight Runners – Dubious
Grace Jones – Demolition Man
Lou & The Hollywood Bananas – Kingston Kingston (French Version)
Madness – The Return of the Los Palmas 7
The Boomtown Rats – Banana Republic
Nena – Ich Bleib’ Im Bett
Docenterna – Puss
Lola Payola – I Got Married to a Man From Space
Spandau Ballet – To Cut A Long Story Short (Version)
Freeez – I Dub You
Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski Mix)
Azul Y Negro – Mar De La Tranquilidad
Strawberry Switchblade – Trees And Flowers