Melomania (mel-ma-nia)

(n) An excessive passion or great enthusiasm for music or melody

Zee Erf – Southern Freeez (Sean P’s India Navigation Mix)
Coyote – San Carlos
Eyes Of Others – I See you In The Shrubs
Los Amigos Invisibles – Rio Porque No Fue Un Sueño Letra
Bongo Entp. – El Rey de Pollo
Wally Badarou – Mambo
DJ Pippi – Calas Encantadas
Max Essa – Your Cathedrals
Copenema – Te Faz Bem
Spargo – Go (Lexx Rework)
Still Going – Untitled Love
Ray Mang – Look In to My Eyes
Ambala – Walk with the Dreamers
Mudd & Pollard – Far Away (Ron Trent Mix)
Dennis Parker – Like an Eagle (The Noddleman’s Deep Rework)
John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane (Mojoworkinz Remix)