110 to 120 bpm and back

Sylvia Love – Extraterrestrial Love
Len Leise – Stopping
Dilettante – Sodoma Jungle (Two Mamarrachos Remix)
The Emperor Machine – RMI Is All I Want
Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer – Prism Birds
SHMLSS – 4AM At The Kebab Shop
Moscoman – Nineteen Eighty Two
Fantastic Man – Snake Charmer
SHMLSS – Adriatic Swing
New Order – People On The High Line (LNTG Remix)
Club Domani – Dance for Money (Uabos Remix)
Fab Mayday – Math (Violette Szabo)
Mark Rae – The Devil’s Horns Feat Shawn Lee (Sam Redmore Remix)
Beesmunt Soundsystem – Sensual
Paul Whithey – Don’t Worry I’m A Professional